Jewish Learning Adventure AKA Leonard and Barbara Zimet Religious School of Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley

The CEHV Zimet School believes that:

  • Community is the cornerstone of our institution – both internally and externally. Internally, we strive to create a school that is welcoming, inclusive, intergenerational and diverse by fostering engagement and connections between members. Externally, we look to create a symbiotic relationship within the Hudson Valley – both using our presence to add value to the region and drawing upon the assets that it provides us to further the educational experience.
  • Judaism is a living culture and religion, and therefore Jewish education should be engaging and experiential. Through strong leadership and creativity, we utilize hands-on learning, field trips, arts, music, and the community resources of the Hudson Valley to deliver a robust religious curriculum.
  • Flexibility leads to accessibility and inclusion in meeting the educational needs of our families. We believe this is true in regards to finances, and in leveraging in-person and online resources. We actively embrace diversity in learning needs and personalities, and welcome students of all races, genders, ethnicities, and immigration statuses. 
  • Jewish identity and religion is a source of pride, and that Jewish life rituals are translatable and meaningful to all aspects of everyday life at all ages. 
  • As members of the Reform movement, furthering social justice is central to our community, and we work to weave it into every aspect of our curriculum.

Mission Statement

The CEHV Zimet School’s mission is to  develop engaged students and foster strong Jewish identities by utilizing a combination of experiential learning opportunities, involvement by our supportive Temple community members, and a commitment to social justice. We prepare students to thrive as Jews across diverse communities and environments.

Vision Statement 

We envision a Zimet School that both attracts and retains many new families and is the backbone of the CEHV Community. We imagine a thriving, rigorous, creative, and inspiring school that is a beacon for Jewish learning in the Hudson Valley. We will employ hands-on learning to instill a strong Jewish identity, foundational Hebrew and Judaics, and a sense of community through a social justice lens.