Committees & Programs


  • Audacious Hospitality: Works to ensure the congregation is warm and accessible to all, with a strong emphasis on welcoming historically marginalized groups and those who feel distanced, excluded, or unwelcome in Jewish spaces.

  • Brotherhood: Men’s organization that sponsor activities throughout the year.
  • Budget/Finance: Manages the finances and budget of CEHV. Subcommittee on investments manages investment decisions.

  • Caring: Provides food, support, and organizes shiva calls for members who are sick, have passed, or lost close family members.

  • Cemetery: Oversees cemetery upkeep, policy, and purchase of burial plots.

  • Education: Supports Religious School director and teachers by providing supplies and volunteers for and helping to plan and execute school events

  • Fundraising: Organizes Broadway Voices and the annual Gala- the CEHV’s two largest fundraising events.

  • House: Manages all aspects of our building’s upkeep and use.

  • Membership/Welcoming: Works to organize greeters at services, events, and holidays as well as welcoming new members.

  • Policy (ad hoc): Creates and updates CEHV policies on an as-needed basis.

  • Outreach: Manages website, social media, and signage.

  • Security: Manages security concerns of the congregation.

  • Sisterhood: Women’s organization that fundraises and sponsors activities throughout the year. The longest-running committee in the history of CEHV- over 150 years!

  • Social Action: Organizes educational events, demonstrations, integrated social events, and promotes tikkun olam- social justice.

  • Spiritual Practices: Supports clergy around all holidays, including organizing aliyahs and weekly Torah readers. Also creates policy around issues related to Jewish religious and spiritual observances.

  • Strategic and Long-Term Planning: Creating and Implementing a strategic planner CEHV plan that focuses and directs for the next 50 years thoughtfully and comprehensively.