Condolences & funeral details for Mark Trott z”l listed below our Covid protocol.

Covid-19 Protocol UPDATE 1/5/22 – Dear Congregants, the health, safety and welfare of all of our congregants remains of paramount importance. We believe in-person services provide continuity for our community as well as meeting religious, spiritual and faith needs of our members. In reopening the shul, we are following these updated protocols:

*All those who are attending in-person services, and are eligible to be vaccinated, are required to be fully vaccinated (full vaccination includes the booster) according to eligibility. Please be prepared to show your proof of vaccination upon entering the building.

*All attendees (2 and older) are required to remain masked and socially distanced while inside the building. During the covid surge there will be a minimum of 15 feet between pods. HEPA filters are in continual use in the main sanctuary.

*All attendees are required to sign in at each service for purposes of contact tracing.

*If you are not feeling well, have experienced any covid symptoms, or have had a covid exposure please refrain from coming to in-person services and join us virtually via Livestream.

 Shabbat services continue to be streamed here on our site.

To learn more about how you can help and to view the full, detailed list of updates to our Covid protocols, click here for the letter in PDF, or here for the letter as a JPEG.  Thank you

Our Congregation stands with the family of Mark Trott z”l, father of Joshua and David Trott, family to Elaine & Bernie, Sandy Mehl, and Joshua’s fiancé Shayna, who passed away on January 9, 2022.  

Mark z”l was a Board Member, past president, and cherished leader of CEHV.  Mark z”l gave selflessly his time and attention to many local organizations. The full obituary will be posted soon, and will be found by clicking here.

Our community is invited to participate virtually in the funeral, by joining us on our Livestream or on our StreamSpot page, this Sunday, January 16 at 10am.

In person attendance of the funeral will be private by request of the family.  

To send Condolences to the family, please email or call our main office(845-338-4271) for the mailing address.

The family requests memorial donations be directed to:
Congregation Emanuel
243 Albany Ave.
Kingston, NY 12401

May his memory be for a blessing.

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